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Subsidized publishing is a hybrid option that combines traditional publishing and self-publishing.

With this option, authors help to pay for publishing, though at a much lower rate than with self-publishing. By having authors help us with expenses up front, we can keep book prices lower, thereby making them more attractive to readers, and making us able to share a greater percentage of royalties (half). The selective part means that we publish a small percentage of submitted titles, like traditional publishers, but unlike other self-publishing companies.

When you publish under this option with Legacy Book Press, you will pay a flat rate, which will include everything to which we agree upon up front. Other than to purchase additional author book copies, which you will be able to purchase at a substantially discounted rate, we will not ask you for additional funds.

If you have a cover we like, you can format your book as well as our people, or if you have a solid marketing plan, we will consider those skills and adjust the fee accordingly. Depending on everything, we estimate fees to range from $850 to $3,000, which includes at least 40 to 90 copies for you to do with as you wish, ISBN, Library of Congress number and registration, bar code, and everything already mentioned.

You will not be obligated to allow us to publish your book until after we offer publication, quote a price, and you sign our agreement. Ready to submit? Review our submission guidelines and follow them exactly. If you have questions, please email