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Our Approach

At Legacy Book Press, we believe in options. So we offer three: full traditional publishing, selective subsidized publishing, and full-service self-publishing. Which is best will all depend on your goals and what we believe the market will support.

Our Story

In late 2018, I got the idea to start a new press to help people publish their legacy stories, whether non-fiction or fiction. It seemed like a natural fit to make it part of my selective subsidized publishing company. So, Legacy Book Press became an imprint of 918studio press.

This is Me

Right now I am a one-woman show.

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Jodie Toohey

Owner & Operator

I am the author of eight books: four novels – Missing Emily: Croatian Life LettersMelody Madson – May It Please the Court?, Taming the Twisted, and Taming the Twisted 2 Reconstructing Rain; three poetry collections – Crush and Other Love Poems for Girls, The Other Side of Crazy, and Versed in Nature: Hiking Northwest Illinois and East Iowa State Parks; and one non-fiction book - Book Marketing Basics: The 5 Ps. When I'm not writing and publishing my own books, I am helping authors, soon-to-be-authors, and want-to-be authors from pre-idea to reader and everywhere in between as my alter ego, Wordsy Woman, through my company, Wordsy Woman Author Services. I live in Iowa with my family and also enjoy traveling, reading, hiking, and knitting.

Ready to Submit...

If you're ready to submit, please read and carefully follow the submissions guidelines. If you have questions, email me at