For years, readers have delighted in Maxine Rose Schur's award-winning travel essays. Now, all the tales of her unusual honeymoon are gathered in one illustrated volume in a new, revised edition. Whether camping in the center of Paris, dangling off a Panamanian tramp steamer, or hitchhiking across Australia, her tales are funny, exciting, observant, and tender. Looking back, she tempers her youthful encounters with mid-life wisdom, capturing the spirit of all those she met and evoking memorable places in time. If you're looking for travel writing that blends insight with delicious surprise, fasten the seatbelt on your armchair and come along.


Maxine Rose Schur is an award-winning children’s book author and travel journalist. Her travel writing has appeared in several anthologies and many publications including The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Américas, Insight Guides, Bradt Guides, Caribbean Travel & Life, and on NPR. She has twice won PEN America’s the Keats Soul-Making Literary Competition for memoir and twice won the Lowell Thomas Award by the Society of American Travel Writers for excellence in travel journalism. She teaches travel writing and speaks at conferences and universities nationwide. Learn more at

Praise for Places in Time:

I enjoyed Places in Time immensely. I had read several of the stories before but was happy to be reminded of them. Maxine Rose Schur has a lovely lyrical quality to her writing and a poetic way of presenting her observations.

—Larry Habegger, Founder/Publisher, Traveler’s Tales Inc.

Appealingly graceful ...Schur is gentle and generous, opening herself to the mystery of others and amply rewarded for the effort.

—Jeanne Cooper, Associate Travel Editor, San Francisco Chronicle

 Schur’s determination not merely to observe, but to accept, even integrate with other cultures distinguishes this essay collection from most travel memoirs. A thrilling read…her amazing story speaks for itself.

 —Aimee Sabo, Foreword Magazine

These essays are memorable in their reach; more than just recounting events in the life of the writer, they capture the atmosphere of places like a tramp steamer in Panama, a dream chalet in Switzerland… Schur’s fascinating account of her young life as a trusting, adventurous traveler will make the reader long for the seemingly carefree travel of the days before 9/11.

—Lisa N. Johnston, Library Journal

 The author’s obsession with not merely observing but slipping into the fold of other cultures distinguishes the collection of essays based on her 18-month around-the-world honeymoon in 1971. She could have told a rollicking good story had she written about it immediately after

returning home, but by steeping in real life for 35 years, the tales take on a transformative power. ..She writes with so much humor, suspense, and wisdom …This is what travel memoirs should be, and so seldom are.

 —Christine Delsol, Travel Editor, San Francisco Chronicle

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