Weave of Destiny is a memoir relating the tortuous journey over a jagged road that the author and his wife traveled to have a family of their own. It can provide guidance and hope for those who are struggling to have children while fostering a sense of appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness for those who have not encountered difficulties.

Weave of Destiny is filled with many twists, turns, and ironies. It is a true-life narrative of extreme hardship and sorrow, then triumph over challenging and potentially crippling events. Strength of character and resiliency are the personal traits that bolster a delicate charming young woman to persevere, overcoming all obstacles. It is also the story of a strong bond and love between a husband and wife.

Twenty percent of the author's profits from each book sold will be donated to the National Organization for Women (NOW).


Ken Lefkowitz earned BA and MS degrees and has pursued business studies at the graduate level. He is currently retired after working as a consultant and senior director for major corporations. His rich experience managing people from all walks of life, various skills and knowledge, and from many locales, was invaluable. A firm believer in women’s rights, Ken worked to hire and promote women into professional and supervisory positions at a time when typically, regardless of education or skills, they were relegated to support and secretarial positions. Today, he continues to support women’s rights and equality, remaining active in organizations advocating for women’s causes. Augmented by the wisdom he acquired as a husband, father, and grandfather, the insight he gained, and his deep understanding of the human condition is reflected in his writing.

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