The Amazing “Auto” Biography of Peggy Hurst and Her Vintage VW Van.

The fifty-year true story of two forceful souls that merged into a single immortal being: GOOD CAR, MA is the tale of a fearless woman who kept driving and never quit; she never doubted, she never took no for an answer. Read this book, and you won't ever look at your car the same way again. You won't ever look at your life the same way either...You'll get off
your butt and do what you always wanted to do. No excuses, no fear, no regrets, no brakes - just the open road and your wheels on the ground. She's a good car, Ma!


Alan Hurst was born in 1964. He is a teacher and a writer who resides in Santa Barbara, California. He drives a Volkswagen camper van, which his parents purchased in 1972.

Get in touch with him at [email protected].


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