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A widow’s journey into a new life...

My Walk with Grief is a spiritual memoir about Elaine Olson’s obsessive ten-year search for identity and love after living in the shadows as a pastor’s wife for thirty years, eventually marrying an agnostic who embodies Divine grace. When her husband died, part of Elaine died, too. Unimpeded as a widow, her obsessive search for her own identity and love pulled her into soul struggles, grief, world travel, disastrous dating, dog drama, and spiritual surprises. Elaine’s memoir will inspire readers to seek new identities after a significant loss or transition, encouraging them to grieve deeply, live fully, and rediscover love and the largeness of Spirit’s embrace. Elaine tells her story in a way that is candid, entertaining, and easily relatable, addressing at least two topics other books on grief do not: the spiritual struggle to discover a more extensive understanding of Grace while seeking a new identity as well as sexuality and dating.


Elaine Olson is a retired ordained pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, a certified spiritual director, and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She has been writing reflections and narratives in personal journals for most of her life. In the past five years, she has written to inspire and encourage others. She is a mom and gramma, and her life-long passion is to wonder, teach, guide, and affirm others; and together integrate issues of life and Spirit. She writes a blog called “g’amma gazing” at