Between political unrest, deepening inequality, and ambiguity across relationships, the future is thrown into uncertainty with no room to break free. Even the freedom to choose how to move forward is bogged down by complacent, repetitive discourse on TV. The line between right and wrong may be blurred, but one thing will always be true: the hope to build a better world is in all of us. It’s inevitable that through comradery—this unity—we will raise the standard for how our lives are truly lived. This is the core of American Fantasy—where the desire to grow, create and explore is stagnated by the everyday demand to survive. You’re valid to be exhausted and unmotivated—every one of us has experienced loss to some degree. This book rejects the notion that this country is beyond repair, that the problems we face are impossible to overcome. The power of the people comes from our individual strength to shed the past, heal, empathize with each other today, and fight for an inclusive tomorrow. How does your own heart touch the person beside you?


Steven James Faviano (he/him) is a graduate from Florida State University with interest in political storytelling. During his time there, Steven was fortunate enough to study human rights in Europe, intern in Cambodia, and share stories with so many people. He’s always been compelled to support others with a restless curiosity to learn how he can help. However, as he continued researching the structures of governments, governments, and cultures, he became discouraged if there was any meaningful way to make a difference.

Like for everyone, these past few years have been overwhelming and disillusioning for Steven. It seems that every step humanity takes forward, the quicker it falls on its face. While he struggled throughout 2020 to find a stable path, Steven kept wondering if there was anything else he could do. Then an acquaintance messaged him saying they had read one of his poems out of the blue and felt the need to say how deeply they were impacted by it. Steven was hit by the eureka moment: art and poetry are universal tools to communicate ideas, find meaning, and bring people together.


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