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Between Two Poles reflects on Christine P. Dela Rosa’s experience cycling from reluctant classmate, to roommate, to best friend, to caretaker with Lien Le. At first, the two are an inseparable pair, growing because of each other, until Lien’s first episodes of bipolar disorder hit, and the two struggle to hold on to the magic that once made their connection so special. Through childhood flashbacks, scene retellings, and personal essays, Christine shares a confluence of emotions associated with high expectations from cultural norms, the union and breaking apart of a codependent friendship, and first-hand experiences with the mental healthcare system in America.

No psychology textbook is this personal nor live conversation this open. This story is an opportunity for those who have been in similar roles to embrace and heal the feelings they had during their experiences. Utilizing pop culture references and a steady flow of inner monologue, Christine writes an easy read against heavy mental health themes.


Christine has worked across public health, community-building, and collaboration industries, facilitating positive behavior change through marketing campaigns and public-facing programs. She is the current host of the award-winning "Work Check" podcast. Her writing is not often bylined but can be found across multiple award-winning brand properties. Currently, however, she has select bylines on the "Work Life" blog. Residing in California, Christine volunteers as a San Francisco Court Appointed Special Advocate and listens to audiobooks during her daily walks.