To ensure that your submission is considered for traditional publication with Legacy Book Press LLC, please make sure to follow the following submission guidelines exactly. If you do not follow the instructions exactly, we may reply by asking you to read these instructions and comply, or we may simply disregard your submission. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

First, please make sure your book fits our needs. We are essentially seeking to traditionally publish legacy or personal stories, widely defined. It must be book-length [at least 25,000 words for prose and 100 pages for poetry total, including all front and back matter], but can take the form of poetry, non-fiction, fiction, or any combination thereof. It could be your autobiography, memoir, or family history. It could be a novel heavily based on your personal experience. It could be a collection of poetry written as you navigated a significant period of your life. It could be the story of your business. Any book that will help tell your story or share your experience as a member of the human race qualifies. It can be a children's book or targeted to young adults or adults. However, we do not publish picture books, and any submission targeted to children or young adults must still be full book length. We will not publish anything with any unnecessarily vulgar or graphic language, violence, or sexual descriptions.

If your book qualifies, we'd love to take a look, so, please...

1. Email [email protected] with your entire manuscript attached in PDF format with  “Legacy Book Press Submission” in the subject line.

2. Answer the following questions.

Generally, within one or two months, we will let you know if your manuscript is selected for publication. If you don't hear back within two months, please review these guidelines again to make sure you followed them exactly, and if you have, feel free to follow up via email at [email protected]. If we would like to publish your manuscript, we will email you with a tentative royalty/author copy structure offer. If you wish or if we think it would be beneficial, we may ask to meet with you in person or via phone or video conferencing, depending on your geographic location. You will be under no obligation to publish with Legacy Book Press until after you receive your detailed offer and sign the publishing agreement.