The first time to adoption and the second not long after reuniting
with him. In this heartwrenching and heartwarming memoir,
Candace Cahill offers an intimate view of child relinquishment and
child loss, the definition of motherhood, and how two things can
be true at one time.

“Incisive… insightful… a clear perspective… Goodbye Again deserves space on the well-informed person’s bookshelf.” Lori Holden, Writer, Author, and Podcaster of Adoption: The Long View

“Written with raw honesty and courage, this important book takes the reader straight to the traumatic experience of relinquishing a newborn to adoption and beyond to the magical joyfulness of the reunion of birthmother and adopted child eighteen years later. This is a love story in so many ways and it will break your heart and fill your soul.” Laura L. Engel, author of You’ll Forget This Ever Happened: Secrets, Shame, and Adoption in the 1960s

Goodbye Again reads like great fiction… I felt like I was living the experience right along with the author.” Julia Stolle, MSW, LSW, Adoptee, Adoptive Parent

Goodbye Again is the poignant and engrossing emotional journey of a birthmother through sorrow to redemption. Cahill's all-too-short reunion with her son makes the memoir especially helpful to mothers who meet waning or ambiguous interest in building a relationship after reunion.” ~ Lorraine Dusky, author of Birthmark and hole in my heart


Woman in winter coat with snowy mountain in backgroundCandace Cahill is a first mother and an LDA - late discovery adoptee. She grew up in rural Central Minnesota with no running water or electricity, and by the time she graduated from high school, she’d learned books were an oasis and her guitar a good friend. After earning a Social Work degree, she embarked on a year-long bicycle trip across North America before settling in Alaska. She is a self-taught silversmith and can play five instruments. Candace resides with her husband, Tom, in Denali, Alaska, and works as a Park Ranger during the summer months. Find out more at


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