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Blending medical mystery with wit, sensitivity, and a sharp understanding of the human experience, One Tick Stopped the Clock offers hope and inspiration for anyone who can’t go back, but instead must move forward at a new pace.

“An exquisitely crafted narrative. Despite the gravity of her trials, Jennifer's adept storytelling instills a sense of optimism, leaving readers uplifted, inspired, and filled with gratitude. A testament to the resilience of the human spirit, this book is a beacon of hope for anyone facing adversity.”
—Brandi Dean, Founder, The Dean Center for Tick-Borne Illness

“Jennifer’s story is a reminder to all patients to trust themselves and speak out, and a reminder to medical providers to listen well and never stop learning.”
—Annie Brewster, M.D., Founder and Executive Director, Health Story Collaborative; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School; author of The Healing Power of Storytelling

“Prepare to be inspired, moved, and educated by this beautiful memoir.”
—Dana Parish, best-selling co-author of Chronic: The Hidden Cause of the Autoimmune Pandemic and How to Get Healthy Again

“A must-read for those living with chronic illness. You are not alone.”
—Kris Newby, author of Bitten and senior producer of Under Our Skin


Jennifer Crystal lives and writes outside Boston, MA. Since 2013, she has been a weekly columnist for the Global Lyme Alliance (formerly the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance). The column has received mention in or on The New Yorker, CQ Researcher,,, and Jennifer’s written work about chronic illness has also been featured in or on The Boston Globe, Aeon’s Psyche, Cognoscenti, Harvard Health Blog, and man other publications. Her story has been featured in anthologies and articles and on news broadcasts, and she has been
an invited speaker on numerous podcasts and webinars.

Jennifer teaches the Writing to Heal Immersive Program at Grub Street Creative Writing Center, where she also teaches other nonfiction courses and does one-on-one consulting. Her website is